Gonna write some words now. I don’t really know what to say. I went out for the first time since the start of the pandemic, not counting the time spent bartending/managing bar at the last restaurant I worked in, back in the fall, when restrictions loosened for a minute. That doesn’t really feel like something worth counting, although the risks posed are somewhat similar — however, back then, we hadn’t a vaccine. Vietnamese, since it’s my favorite, and her second favorite, after Greek cuisine.

Anyways, Elle and I spent three hours, getting through the last of our phó and one beer each, people watching and talking shit to one another, as well as about every passerby. You know, I always used to resent those types of people. Fucking lingerers. This felt like a momentous occasion and as much as we’ve enjoyed talking shit about people who have been going out at every first chance and easing of regulation, I think it was something that felt long overdue, anyways.

Afterward, we hit up the market and I bought her a tie-dye plush animal and some garbage-sugar-coffee-energy drinks. One was drunk, the others will be breakfast come morningtime. Maybe that last detail isn’t so important to mention. Last night we drank too much and embarrassing as it is to admit, as though anyone really reads this, we got into a verbal altercation which escalated to the point that someone called the cops on us. Cops are so fucking dumb. The loaded questions they ask, it’s like they’ve never had a human interaction, much less a relationship. That’s not so much my concern as is my fear that my building manager is gonna kill me.

Anyways, I’m mentioning it because I think being cooped up inside for months on end is starting to wear us down. She’s been helping me so much with my recovery, which has also made it near impossible for her to get away from the apartment and spend time tending to her own needs — it makes me feel so awful and grateful at the same time. Still, we’re only human and overexposure breeds animosity sometimes. Getting out for a day felt so nice, even more so now that the winter weather is giving way to sunnier, warmer, and longer days. As though winters in the PNW aren’t enough, when every option outside of sitting in your apartment goes away, and the anxiety of knowing COVID case numbers are skyrocketing is skyrocketing... well, I’m just happy that things mig by be returning to some semblance of ‘normal’ soon.

Okay, I need to join her in sleeping here soon. She turned in a little early, and I want to start getting down at the same time as her. Another thing that will help us in feeling closer. Kinda wanted to fuck around with some of the CSS for this and https://tits.international, as there were some loose ends in the code that I needed to tidy up. Also, I’ve gotta get tits.international’s domain set up with ProtonMail. Also, also I’m gonna start rambling if I don’t end it now.